Soul on the Seventh Day

The Packages have Arrived!!!!

Soul On the Seventh Day, Mo Glazman

Well folks, I am pleased to announce that The final versions of Soul on the seventh day have arrived.  This is the Album that I produced this summer for Cantor Mo Glazman.  It is a melding of soul and motown music with Liturgical Jewish music.  Im very proud of this project.  I produced and arranged it.  The band consists of Adam Warner on drums, Mark McIntyre on bass, James Robertson on guitar, myself on keys, Drew Jurecka, Bryden Baird, And Charlie Finlay on Horns, Drew Jurecka on the strings, and Chloe Watkinson, Lydia Persaud, and Amanda Mabro doing backup vocals.  Please check it out.  Here is a link to the itunes site if you would like to buy a digital copy: Soul on itunes.  Send me a message here if you want a physical copy.

Here is a track for you to preview:

New Year, New stuff!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Well, its a new year and there is lots of exciting things on the horizon.  I’m pretty excited about all that is coming up over the next little while.  I just updated my touring calendar on the when page.

Some of the noteable things that I am super excited about include:  CD Release tour with Jaron Freeman-Fox’s Opposite of Everything; European tour with Jill Barber; CD Release tour with the Kate Rogers Band; CD release show for the lovely Mandi Byrd…  and thats just the beginning.

I am also happy to congratulate my good buddy and creative collaborator Joshua Van Tassel on his East Coast Music award nomination for his last solo effort – Joshua Van Tassel.  He is nominated in the category of best electronic recording.  I was very fortunate to take part in this record and highly recommend you all check it out…

There will be a bunch of new music that I have been working on coming out real soon so stay tuned.  I will be posting stuff over the next few weeks so please come back and check it all out.  Most Noteable – Double Tooth = Afro inspired music with JVT; New post rock album with Lavender gloom alumnus Steve Perzow; Mo Glazman – Soul on the 7th day; New soul singer Nicky Lawrence and I are working on a new record that will blow your minds…

Its gonna be a great year look forward to seeing you all soon.

Some Tracks… for your listening pleasure

As promised, here are some samples of the stuff I have been working on:


Mo Glazman:

Chasdei Hashem:

Halleluya: Featuring the lovely and talented Chloe Watkinson



Here are some rough mixes of the Afro-inspired stuff that I am working on with JVT.  Enjoy…

This is going to be the Summer Jam of 2013!


That is all.  Turn it up! and enjoy.


Exciting news!!!!

Masters have arrived!!!

Mo Glazman – Soul on the Seventh Day.  Produced and arranged by yours truly.
I spent the last summer producing a record for a great singer named Mo Glazman.  The music is Jewish liturgical music treated like old soul music.  I had the opportunity to produce, arrange, and play on this record.  I also had the opportunity to work with Canada’s finest musicians: Adam Warner, Mark McIntyre, James Robertson, Drew Jurecka, Bryden Baird, Charlie Finlay, Amanda Mabro, Chloe Watkinson, and Lydia Persaud.  The album was recorded by Adam King and mixed by Les Cooper.  I will post some tracks on the site real soon.  can’t wait to present it to the world.

RG + JVT = Afro inspired funky times

I have been working for the past few months on another new project with Joshua Van Tassel – drummer, producer, musician extraordinaire.  A name for this project has not been determined yet but rest assured that this music is gonna make you feel crazy and want to dance.  We have basically been listening to a bunch of African music from the 60s – mostly from Ghana and Nigeria – and have taken our cues from those sounds.  We recording it all with just the two of us, playing whatever instruments we can and only using 1 microphone and amp in the recording process.  Its super fun.  Trax will be up real soon for this one too…