All Music on this site is the copyright of and has been created by Robbie Grunwald.  If you would like to use any of these tracks or would like copies of them please contact me at


Double Tooth logo

One Thousand Shapeshifters

The Virus


Jill Barber:

Songs written by Jill Barber.  Keyboard and Accordion parts performed by R Grunwald

from the album chances:

Take it off My Mind

Be My Man

From the album Mischievous Moon:

Tell me

Steal away

If it Weren’t for Loving you

Western Terrestrial:

Music composed, performed, and recorded by Western Terrestrial: Ben Bowen, Darren Wall, Nick Zubeck, Robbie Grunwald, Marshall Bureau, plus many guests.  From the self titled album:

Runs in the blood

Jesus carry your cross

Alone in Love


Music by Barzin, all keyboards and Vibraphone performed by R Grunwald

from the album Notes to an Absent Lover:

Stayed too long in this place

Nobody told me

When it falls apart

Spookey Ruben

Music from Spookey Ruben’s release Mechanical Royalty.  All keyboard parts performed by R Grunwald


The Lavender Gloom:

A band composed of R Grunwald, Nick Zubeck, Adam Balsam, and Steve Perzow.  From the 2002 EP – Hues.  All music composed by R Grunwald or R Grunwald and S Perzow.  Performed by the Lavender Gloom, Recorded and Produced by R Grunwald

Flapping 7th

Perilous Confrontation

Pinchas ii

Not in this case

R Grunwald Solo Work:


Music written and performed by an accordion trio – Bret Higgins (bass), Brendan Cassidy (Clarinet), R Grunwald (Accordion)

An electro-acoustic project

This Fantasy

Commercial compostions:

Ad submission for a fitness campaign.  Music composed, recorded, and performed by R Grunwald

Song for a coffee campaign: Composed, performed and recorded by Drew Jurecka and R Grunwald

Film Composition:

The main theme from the film Umbrella a short film by Mike Vass

Ambient music from a film score

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