New Year, New stuff!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Well, its a new year and there is lots of exciting things on the horizon.  I’m pretty excited about all that is coming up over the next little while.  I just updated my touring calendar on the when page.

Some of the noteable things that I am super excited about include:  CD Release tour with Jaron Freeman-Fox’s Opposite of Everything; European tour with Jill Barber; CD Release tour with the Kate Rogers Band; CD release show for the lovely Mandi Byrd…  and thats just the beginning.

I am also happy to congratulate my good buddy and creative collaborator Joshua Van Tassel on his East Coast Music award nomination for his last solo effort – Joshua Van Tassel.  He is nominated in the category of best electronic recording.  I was very fortunate to take part in this record and highly recommend you all check it out…

There will be a bunch of new music that I have been working on coming out real soon so stay tuned.  I will be posting stuff over the next few weeks so please come back and check it all out.  Most Noteable – Double Tooth = Afro inspired music with JVT; New post rock album with Lavender gloom alumnus Steve Perzow; Mo Glazman – Soul on the 7th day; New soul singer Nicky Lawrence and I are working on a new record that will blow your minds…

Its gonna be a great year look forward to seeing you all soon.

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